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Công bố hệ thống / Recommended Hints For Choosing...
Last post by FrankJScott - Th01 24, 2023, 11:12 PM
Lawyer In Roseville & San Diego
1. Think About Your Lawyer's Expertise And Law Focus
Law is a complex field that encompasses many different areas of expertise. There are many law firms that are specialized in the area of personal injury law. Some might concentrate on slip and falls and auto accidents. Others may concentrate on premises liability. All of these cases, while falling under the umbrella of "personal injury", are treated differently. It is possible to gain an edge by employing a personal injury lawyer. They've worked in a particular area of law. You must compare the success rates of family lawyers as well as their reviews on the internet before selecting an attorney. If you are hoping for an outcome that is favorable for your case, then it is highly recommended that you select an attorney who specializes in personal injury exclusively.
2. Find A Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer
Many people would like to settle quickly. However, they aren't thrilled about the idea that their personal injury case will be taken to court. It is not uncommon for court cases to be more time-consuming than anticipated. A seasoned personal injury attorney will strive to get the highest settlement for you, sometimes even going to trial.
3. Ask To Examine The Success Rate For Your Personal Injury Lawyer
This isn't difficult to understand. But, choosing an attorney with an established track record of success will provide you with confidence that they're capable and will work on your case. Even if a lawyer has been practicing law for decades and hasn't won any cases, it does not mean they're not qualified to help you. Check out the San Diego scaffolding accident lawyers for recommendations.

4. Your Personal Injury Lawyer's Standing In The Field
A lot of lawyers have an online legal profile you can view on Nolo.com, Lawyers.com. The most knowledgeable lawyers are capable of offering tips or write informative pieces that you can read. Social media sites, such as legal ones such as Avvo let users see the opinions of other lawyers and what they have to review their colleagues. This is a valuable resource when choosing an attorney. Lawyers that have an established connection with the law profession may have better resources to offer the pre-settlement financing options.
5. Find Out If You Personal Injury Lawyer Is Part Of Any Legal Group
Lawyers are accountable to other lawyers. There are many law associations that offer networking and accountability for lawyers. National Trial Lawyers, for example, is an example. National Trial Lawyers is an organization that honors outstanding trial lawyers across the nation. The group is known for highlighting exemplary and successful lawyers , based on their performance, code of ethics, and continuing education. This group is a great location to find the most effective trial lawyers in your case in the event of personal injury.
6. To Ensure That Your Case Will Be Considered Seriously, Speak To Your Personal Injury Lawyer
Many plaintiffs are shocked by how expensive their personal injury claims can prove to be for their attorney. It takes significant effort and investment to prepare a personal-injury case. The costs of preparing depositions to be presented to the court, filing them with them, getting records and consulting experts can cost a lot. Many personal injury lawyers are paid by a contingency fee arrangement. The agreement stipulates that the lawyer pay the upfront costs but will be reimbursed once an agreement has been reached. Some attorneys might demand that you pay the case costs up front. It is recommended to choose an attorney who is interested in winning the case and is able to afford the commitment. See the San Diego defective construction equipment lawyer for more.

7. Review The Case Victories And Other References From The Personal Injury Lawyer You Choose To Work With.
Ask your attorney if you can speak to any of their former clients. Although privacy laws may prohibit this, it is still important to ask. Even though you won't have the ability to access an online lawyer's winning/loss record however, you can request references from them to gain a better understanding of their standing. Most attorneys will have examples that show previous case wins. Even the most skilled lawyers will lose a few cases.
8. Ask Your Potential Personal Injury Lawyer If They Have Any Prior Experience With Pre-Settlement Financing
Pre-settlement financing could be the difference between a fast settlement or a fair one. Before you hire a personal injury attorney and ask them to suggest any lenders to finance lawsuits in the event that your suit goes to trial or is longer than anticipated.
9. Think About The Credibility Of Your Personal Injury Lawyer In Their Specialization.
Many lawyers have an online profile that you can view at Nolo.com/Lawyers.com. The most knowledgeable lawyers usually offer useful guidance or write pieces that are simple to read. Avvo is an online legal social network that allows you to read the opinions of other lawyers about your colleagues. This can provide significant insight prior to deciding on an attorney. A lawyer who has a an excellent relationship with the legal profession may have more resources available for you. Check out the Roseville catastrophic injuries law firm for recommendations.

In Conclusion
The the difference between winning and losing your case could be determined by the hiring of the right Personal Injury lawyer. An experienced lawyer and has a proven track record in the settlement of personal injury claims is your ideal choice. Ask your friends, family members, and colleagues for suggestions. Contact the state bar association. Once you have narrowed your search, you can look up online reviews to find out about the credibility and success rate of the lawyer you are considering. Talk to your potential attorney about any concerns you may have regarding finances or their knowledge. Don't be afraid to go with your gut intuitions. Choose an attorney who is the most familiar to you and who you believe is able to represent your best interests.
If you have been seriously injured in a car crash or any other personal injuries, you might need to find personal injury lawyers. There could be a multitude of lawyers according to where you live. This can make a already stressful situation even more difficult. These are some of the points to remember when searching for a reputable lawyer to handle personal injury cases.
Công bố hệ thống / Free Tips For Deciding On Heat...
Last post by FrankJScott - Th01 24, 2023, 01:51 AM
Things You Need To Know When Choosing Indoor Air Quality Services in Santa Rosa, California
Heating solutions in Santa Rosa CA,, are crucial during the colder months to ensure consistent temperatures for commercial and residential structures. Elevated Comfort can assist you! We offer an affordable solution that will enhance your home and last for many years. We offer heating services located in the Santa Rosa, Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area. No matter whether you have a furnace, heat pump or boiler, we will provide the necessary services. Managers on the ground monitor their work. If you are experiencing heating problems during winter, consult one of our experts. It is possible to maintain your heating system's effectiveness by joining our Grandma Mac Club. Your heating system is likely to become damaged. Our heating professionals can inspect and repair your heating system to discover an answer. Based on your needs the repair may include minor repairs or advised to replace the whole system. We let you take the decision. We can only promise that you will be 100% satisfied with the products and services that we offer in heating. Boilers are a great option for heating systems for homeowners. They can even be used to create the most efficient heating source located in Santa Rosa, Northern California.
Furnace Installation, Replacement, Repair & Maintenance
A majority of houses contain furnaces. The most popular heating options for houses are gas and oil furnaces. It is recommended that trained professionals like those at Elevated Comfort install your heating system. If you keep your heating unit in good condition, you will be able to maintain it's efficiency and save money. Our HVAC specialists have the expertise and knowledge to identify and fix issues quickly. See this Santa Rosa air quality testing for advice.

Heat Pump Installation, Replacement, Repair and Maintenance
They are becoming increasingly popular because of their economic and environmental benefits. Elevated Comfort provides the most modern heating system for you're contemplating installing one. The life expectancy and size of the heat pump will be contingent on a variety of factors. A heat pump system will be reliable for many years. While there is no quick fix to find the most reliable home service provider but it shouldn't require too much effort with our help. We'll determine what repairs are required to enable your heat pump system to run at maximum efficiency , and when it's time to schedule maintenance or replacement.
Regular Maintenance And Skilled Repair Will Ensure That Your Heating System Is Running Smoothly.
The specialists at Elevated Comfort can help you make the most use of your heating equipment. We provide the most affordable heating repair costs in town. We are committed to providing reliable, prompt and friendly service. Our specialists are trained to inspect your system first and make any necessary repairs before leaving your house. This ensures that your home is ready for winter. Our staff will help you find the best solutions to repair your heating system if you just need a tune-up. You may be shocked at the amount you'll pay in energy every month if you wait to perform routine heating maintenance or simply ignore it. It is important to keep your heating system clean and to change the furnace filters regularly. If you're not home, adjust your thermostat to lower or increase it to a few degrees if necessary. Check out this furnace maintenance in Santa Rosa Ca for advice.

Heating Contractors Offer Maintenance Services
If you have questions about your furnace, boiler or heat pump maintenance, you should seek out a specialist in heating systems immediately. Heating repair specialists will accomplish the following:- Check for blocked vents or hoses.
The blower should be cleared from any debris.
Examine to see whether the heat exchanger still functional and free of rust.
It is vital to ensure that all electrical connections remain intact and in good condition.
Make sure that the flame sensor and the burner are in good working order.
They also keep track of each component and ensure that it is functioning. Any small issues that aren't fixed quickly can cause more serious problems. If you'd like to avoid future expensive repairs it is crucial to address the issue as soon as you notice it. Maintenance of heating systems should be done at least every year to avoid potential issues.
Heating Repair and Maintenance
If you reside in Santa Rosa, Northern California, strange noises could be coming from the heating unit. This may sound frightening initially, but it's not an indication of panic. Elevated Comfort's trained staff are experienced in diagnosing nearly every type of problem. A room might feel warm in one area however the space adjacent could be cold. If the temperature difference causes your heating system to stop working, it is most likely to be due to a malfunctioning thermometer. With years of experience and cutting-edge technology, our experts will take care of all your heating repair requirements. Elevated Comfort will listen and answer any questions you may have. We'll be able to discuss the issue with you and provide alternative solutions to repair your heating if required. We take pride in providing high-quality heating repairs services and equipment from the top manufacturers in the field. This makes it possible for us to offer an efficient service. Contact us immediately and we'll be happy to visit and warm your home or company! However efficient your heating system may be, eventually they will deteriorate. Whether it's a furnace, boiler or heat pump homeowners living in Santa Rosa, Northern California may choose to replace their heating system as one of the most important expenses. It is possible to save money and improve efficiency by replacing your heating unit. If your heating unit has stopped responding to repairs or maintenance It could be an appropriate time to upgrade it. It is worth thinking about this, especially for systems which are between 15 and 20 years old. See this Santa Rosa California mini split ac replacement for more information.

If it's time, change your heating system
-If one or more of these signs are evident, your heating unit must be replaced as soon as possible.
If your heating zones aren't heating evenly or efficiently (some rooms are more hot than others) Then your heating equipment might be getting old.
If you hear popping or buzzing sounds coming from your heating unit, it is most likely that you have parts which have been damaged or worn down over time.
The strange smell is polluting the indoor air.
Each house and company is different, so it is important to choose experts who have decades of experience in the field. All of our heating specialists have at least ten years of experience in their toolboxes. This allows us to become your trusted heating contractor. We'll assign a Field Manager to manage the installation process in Santa Rosa, Northern California homes and assist with any repairs or replacements. With our financial partners and incentives, we will determine the size and type system that's needed for your particular needs. You can purchase a brand new heating unit that meets all your needs within your budget by using our financial partners.
Công bố hệ thống / Recommended Ideas For Choosing...
Last post by FrankJScott - Th01 22, 2023, 08:53 PM
New Ideas For Picking Real Estate Marketing Methods
There are many ways to advertise your services as a realtor, and your listings. As you acquire more experience and expertise you'll come across new strategies. The five most efficient in real estate marketing are:
1. Advertising
The most efficient and reliable method to attract new customers is through real estate marketing (paid promotions). Real estate agents have been investing in campaigns for advertising through what is often described as traditional channels for decades to bring leads and customers. Traditional channels for advertising include radio, television and print ads, such as those found on billboards, magazines, newspapers, classifieds, as well as mail. However, the world of real estate advertising has been rapidly changing. In 2019, digital advertising channels (such as Google, Facebook Instagram, Zillow) surpassed traditional channels as the largest source of advertising spend. According to emarketer.com it is anticipated to be that US advertisers will spend $104 Billion on traditional advertising and $172 Billion on digital ads. Although both forms of marketing are able to yield a positive return on investment, digital advertising tends be more effective and is easier to use. There's some learning in digital advertising. But it can quickly produce qualified real estate leads in the event that you are able to setup and properly manage it. If you have the right strategy for your ad including images, messaging and text, you'll be able to reduce your marketing expenses and increase the results. Facebook Lead Ads, for example, can draw qualified leads to your listings and direct traffic to the landing pages. You should examine virtual staging pictures of your listing on your landing pages and ads to improve their effectiveness. Ads of high quality are designed around the image. You must test different photographs of your property to ensure that you are getting the best return on the advertising budget. When you have enough information to determine the effectiveness of your ads, you can keep showing the highest performing image. This is typically an image of the home's exterior, or the main living space or kitchen. See the most popular see these real estate marketing site examples.

2. Social Media
Facebook is utilized by 97% percent of real estate agents. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the most popular social networks for real property. It's important to keep in mind that you do not need to be on every social media site In fact, we recommend that you pick one or two that you are able to consistently post valuable content and interact with your followers on. Many agents aren't interested in social media and this is evident in their posts and engagement. Social media won't help you achieve your goals if you are focussed on just one thing, or posting content that only ticks a box. You can choose the ideal platform that suits your needs with all social media platforms that are available. This is another great advantage of using social media. If you're just starting with social media, allow yourself to set up several accounts, choose the one you prefer and then stick to it.
3. Networking
Networking remains among the best marketing strategies for the real estate industry. It's not easy, but networking isn't about selling. It's about building credibility as a trusted real estate professional who people you know will refer to you. You can establish friendships with your acquaintances neighbours, family members, as well as local companies. Your network will become more influential and you will get more referrals. If you're looking for formal networking opportunities, Business Networking International is an option. This is one of the advantages of these organizations. Everyone who participates understands that it's there to aid members in creating leads for one another. In other words, everyone's objectives are outlined and are in alignment. Each chapter or group usually only has one participant. If you're accepted, you won't be competing with other agents for real estate referrals. RIS Media conducted a brief test in which a group comprising 14 agents stayed connected with every person they met throughout the month. The group had booked 309 appointments at month's end, an increase of between 100-2000 percent in leads. Whatever strategy for marketing employs, networking has to be an integral part. Follow the top rated read link website tips.

4. Email Marketing
Marketing via email can be a quick, efficient and effective way of keeping contact with clients who have left and attracting new clients. It's simple. Start with collecting email addresses from former clients or friends, real estate websites and social media profiles. It is possible to invite your contacts and potential prospects to join your mailing list by providing something worth their time like a free home valuation or CMA (comparative market analysis). You can collect emails and send emails to your subscribers by via an email marketing tool like Mailchimp or, ideally you can use your real estate CRM if it offers this feature (most products do). Email newsletters may include but not be limited to:-Updates on local real estate market conditions
-Home maintenance tips
The first open houses are coming up
-Neighborhood news (such a restaurant review and fun events, for example).
-Well-wishes (birthdays, holidays, promotions, etc.)
You can send your readers email newsletters with links to your social media accounts in the footer. This will make it easy for users to find you on the internet.
5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
There are local home buyers using search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo for real estate agents. Understanding SEO is among the most complicated and technical real estate marketing strategies however, it also provides you with a significant ROI (return on investment). It's important to optimize the front and back ends of your website for certain keywords and phrases like "Real estate agent Albuquerque" or "Houses for sale in Raleigh." SEO takes time and effort to master before you'll see results; but, if you do rank for common search keyword phrases, you won't be in the position of having to pay for traffic. The traffic you do receive will be more effective than paid traffic. Visit soldouthouses.com today!
Tên Q: Trảm Bạch Xà, Lưu Bang Khởi Binh
Điều kiện nhiệm vụ: hoàn thành nhiệm vụ Thiên Ý
Địa Điểm: Rừng Bông Lai, Thanh Châu, Huyện Bái
Vật phẩm nhận được: 10 Cửu Tuyền Thạch và 2 Kiến Công Băng Tinh hoặc Ý Hiên Vũ Mao
Nhiệm vụ tiếp theo:
Nội dung nhiệm vụ:

Bắc Tinh QuânNam Tinh Quân vì tự ý đưa người chơi từ thời hiện đại trở về thời Tam Quốc đã vô tình tạo ra những lỗ hỏng làm cho thời không đảo lộn, con người, sự việc của giai đoạn Tam Quốc và thời Tần xen lẫn vào nhau.

Đến tầng 2 Rừng Bồng Lai (11822), Thanh Châu, tại tọa độ X: 202, Y: 315 di chuyển sang Bồng Lai Tiên Cảnh (64101). Tại tọa độ X: 402, Y: 855, xảy ra đối thoại, đồng ý giúp đỡ.
Đến Huyện Bái (64102), tọa độ X: 1462, Y: 935 xảy ra đối thoại với Bắc Tinh Quân.
Di chuyển vào trong đối thoại với Lưu Bang
Sang Rừng Huyện Bái (64103), tại tọa độ X: 142, Y: 435 xảy ra đối thoại, tiếp tục tại tọa độ X: 482, Y:355 xảy ra đối thoại và tiến hành chiến đấu với Bạch Xà (Bạch Đế tham chiến)

Lưu ý: Không loạn agi, không thể tổ chức tổ đội, có thể sử dụng /4Pet (xuât chiến 4 võ tướng), phải hoàn thành trong 10 lượt.

Thắng lợi đi chuyển tiếp theo hướng bên phải đến tận cùng Rừng Huyện Bái (64106), tại tọa độ X: 1142, Y: 735, xảy ra đối thoại.
Kết thúc đối thoại nhận được "10 Cửu Tuyền Thạch"
Lên Tiên Giới, tại Thiên Đình (59301), xảy ra đối thoại.
Kết thúc đối thoại, nhận được "2 Kiến Công Băng Tinh" hoặc "2 Ý Hiên Vũ Mao" thì hoàn thành nhiệm vụ.
Topic tổng hợp những Quest nên làm ở P-TS Online:

1. Skill/Status:

Thuật Hỗn Loạn - Q: Sự Đa Nghi của Tào Tháo

10 Điểm Status/Skills - Q: Thập Đại Tài Nữ Tam Quốc

2. Thu Phục Võ Tướng:

Khương Duy - Q: Khương Duy Hàng Thục

Tiểu Hồ Ly - Q: Thu Phục Hồ Ly

Triệu Quảng/Triệu Thống - Q: Khiêu Chiến Triệu Quảng

Tư Mã Chiêu - Q: Thiên Ý

3. Kim Tỏa/Tướng Tinh:

Kim Tỏa Tâm Tâm - Q: Khiêu Chiến Khăn Vàng

Tướng Tinh Chúc Dung/Mạnh Hoạch/Ngột Đột Cốt - Q: Nam Man Tái Khởi

4. Trang bị:

Vũ Khí Nghề 3 - Q: Thiên Thạch Bí Ẩn

Hộp đồ Thiên Thù - Q: Đánh Bại Quỷ Tần Vương

Chuỗi Quest Trang Bị P-TS Online:

5. Vật Phẩm Quan Trọng:

Ngọc Thông Quan (Để qua Tân Kinh Nam) - Q: Truyền Thuyết về Thủy Liêm Động

Cửu Tuyền Thạch (Đổi trang bị Tang Tử/Lữ Quốc), Kiến Công Băng Tinh (Tâm+14), Ý Hiên Vũ Mao (Lông Thuộc Tính +14) - Q: Trảm Bạch Xà, Lưu Bang Khởi Binh
Tên Q: Thập Đại Tài Nữ Tam Quốc
Điều kiện nhiệm vụ: Tái Sinh Lv. 120
Địa điểm: Đỉnh Núi Tiên Ẩn, Tiên Giới
Vật phẩm nhận được: 10 Điểm Trạng Thái và 10 Điểm Kỹ Năng
Video Hướng Dẫn: Link Youtube
Nội Dung Nhiệm Vụ:

Chuẩn bị 10 Tài Nữ Reborn 2 Lv. 200 theo danh sách dưới đây

U Châu (12000) / Khiêu Chiến Triệu Quảng (P-TSO...
Last post by P-TS Online - Th04 26, 2022, 05:44 AM
Tên Q: Khiêu Chiến Triệu Quảng
Điều kiện nhiệm vụ: Tái Sinh Lv. 120
Địa điểm: Thôn Thường Sơn, Ký Châu
Vật phẩm nhận được: Random nhận được 1 trong các vật phẩm Vé Triệu Quảng, Vé Triệu Thống, Kim Tỏa Triệu Quảng, hoặc Kim Tỏa Triệu Thống
Video Hướng Dẫn: Link Youtube
U Châu (12000) / Khiêu Chiến Khăn Vàng (P-TSOnl...
Last post by P-TS Online - Th04 26, 2022, 05:40 AM
Tên Q: Khiêu Chiến Khăn Vàng
Điều kiện nhiệm vụ: Tái Sinh Lv. 120
Địa điểm: Thành Cự Lộc, Ký Châu
Vật phẩm nhận được: Xem hình bên dưới
Video Hướng Dẫn: Link Youtube

Tên Q: Khương Duy Hàng Thục
Điều kiện nhiệm vụ: Lv. 168
Địa điểm: Quan Phủ Thiên Thủy, Lương Châu
Vật phẩm nhận được: Khương Duy Lv.1
Video Hướng Dẫn: Link Youtube
Tên Q: Thất Hình Đại Tội

(Thanks to Jackie Chen)

Điều kiện nhiệm vu: Hoàn thành các nhiệm vụ dưới đây

1. Tâm Ma Cõi Phật,
2. Xạ Kích Cửa Quan ,
3. Hoa Đà Giải Độc ,
4. Hỏa Đức Tinh Quân ,
5. Thất Cầm Mạnh Hoạch,
6. Đại Phá Núi Thiên Đãng,
7. Đại Chiến Tây Sai,
8. Thiện Ác Đồng Quy Yêu Ma Vương ,
9. Điêu Thuyền Về Quê.

Vật phẩm nhiệm vụ: Cần chuẩn bị những vật phẩm và võ tướng dưới đây

- 10 Nguyệt Độc Vũ Mao (24066) - Lông Thuộc Tính +11
- Ba Đậu Yêu Phong, Thủy, Địa
- Ác Ma BĐY (Vé Đóai Hoán - 500 pts - Vé làm Quest ra là Ác Ma Tiểu Đâu Yêu, không dùng được)
- Yêu Quỷ Vương Rb1 (Level nào cũng được)

Vật Phẩm Nhận Được: Nón P-TS Online (ATK/INT+45, AGI+10, BK 15%, Mind+0, Lv. 100, Không Thể Giao Dịch)

Nội Dung Nhiệm Vụ:

• Đến Đảo Thiên Ngoại (59011), Tiên Giới, đối thoại với Nữ Oa.
• Đi ra ngoài Tiên Giới (59000) tại toạ độ 2425,535 xảy ra đối thoại với Linh Minh Thạch Hầu.
• Để trống 1 ô võ tướng, về Tận Cùng Thuỷ Liêm Động (33511) xảy ra đối thoại, Linh Minh Thạch Hầu gia nhập đội ngũ.
• Quay về Thiên Giới, tại Nam Thiên Môn (59401) toạ độ X:400, Y:800 xảy ra đối thoại và chiến đấu.
• Thắng lợi ta đến Cung Điện Ngân Khánh Sơn (30303), Nam Trung, đối thoại với Mạnh Hoạch.
• Chuẩn bị Ba Đậu Yêu Địa trên người, ta đến Sa Mạc Hồ Quan (12809), tại toạ đô X:2182, Y:415 chiến đấu 2 trận với Bạch HổTiểu Sư Vương (Xong trận 1 vào liền trận 2).
• Thắng lợi ta đến Quan Phủ Thành Đô (25301), Ích Châu, đối thoại với Pháp Chính.
• Chuẩn bị Ba Đậu Yêu Phong trên người và 10 Nguyệt Độc Vũ Mao (Lông Thuộc Tính +11), đến Đỉnh Thiên Tru Sơn (15423), Từ Châu, tại toạ độ X:322, Y:315 xảy ra đối thoại và chiến đấu 2 trận (Xong trận 1 vào liền trận 2).
• Thắng lợi ta đến Đỉnh Núi Tây Tặc (18423), Dương Châu, đối thoại với Cam Ninh tại tọa độ X:2862, Y:1415.
• Chuẩn bị Ba Đậu Yêu Thuỷ trên người, ta đến Lạc Hải (58000), tại toạ độ X:320, Y:500 xảy ra đối thoại và chiến đấu 2 trận (Xong trận 1 vào liền trận 2).
• Thắng lợi ta đến Động Quỷ Vương Tầng 6 (57536), Oa Quốc, tại tọa độ X:3522, Y:295 đối thoại với Yêu Quỷ Vương.
• Ta đến Đảo Phổ Cát (61441), Lĩnh Nam, tại cửa vào xảy ra đối thoại và chiến đối với Khu Thần (Phải chuẩn bị Yêu Quỷ Vương Rb1 trên người)
• Thắng lợi ta đến Nhà Gỗ Hà Đông (20172), Tịnh Châu, đối thoại với Huỳnh Tiểu Nhị.
• Đến Rừng Trác Quận (12808), U Châu, tại toạ độ X:262, Y:1755 xảy ra đối thoại vào chiến đầu với Ngọc Diện Hồ LyNgưu Ma Vương 2 trận (Xong trận 1 vào liền trận 2). (Cần chuẩn bị Ác Ma BĐY)
• Sau khi thắng lợi ta về Tận Cùng Thuỷ Liêm Động (33511), Tân Kinh Nam tại toạ độ X:552, Y:395 xảy ra đối thoại vào chiến đấu 1 trận.
• Thắng lợi trở về Đảo Thiên Ngoại (59011), Tiên Giới, đối thoại với Nữ Oa thì hoàn thành nhiệm vụ.

Góc chia sẻ kinh nghiệm của Jackie Chen:
- Nên hoàn thành các chuỗi Quest điều kiện nhiệm vụ trước khi bắt đầu làm Quest nón để dễ dàng và thuận thiện hơn.
- Tất cả các trận đấu đều loạn agi và phải bảo về khỉ. Đối với các map chiến đấu 2 trận, trận 1 sẽ loạn agi và ko kháng, trận 2 sẽ loại và kháng.
- Đối với map chiến đấu 1 trận (Trừ trận ở Nam Thiên Môn) thì sẽ loạn và kháng.
- Đối với trận cuối cùng sẽ chiến đấu với 10 NPC và tham chiến 10 NPC.
- Con ác ma trong Q nón cần là con ác ma bắt buộc phải click shop (Bổ trợ => Khác => trang 6/6 => Vé đoái hoàn giá 500points), chứ ko fai là con ác ma làm Q ra.
- Chuẩn bị thật nhiều Đề Hồ Đan, Hồi sinh đan, lều hành quân và ngựa FAI.
- Chuẩn bị tinh thần ăn hành với 7749 kiểu chết.
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